Den (dewhitton) wrote,


A RUNAWAY roo ruined the plan for a Richards family celebration at Bathurst yesterday. The big brown kangaroo bounced out of the bushes and straight into the path of Jim Richards, who was roaring up Mount Panorama at more than 160km/h. Herald Sun

Racing drivers find all sorts of strange ways to lose races but crashes, spins and rollovers are, if not everyday race occurrences, then, at least, expected occupational hazards.But pre-race favourite Richards yesterday discovered one of the weirder ways to put himself out of business in the Bathurst 1000 when his Castrol Perkins Commodore was badly damaged in a collision with a kangaroo. The Age (subscription required)

It was pretty amazing to see this live on telly. They showed the accident a couple of times from different angles, then edited it from all the replays because the switchbord lit up with complaints.

Lap 110 of 161. What a bugger.

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