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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Last weekend 3081 visited Dubbo. This is 3801.

It's a streamlined 38 "Pacific" class engine from the 1930s, restored and now pulling 1929 vintage carriages on tourist runs around the state. It was booked out so I had to chase it by road to get my photos. There were a lot of us steam tragics in the convoys.

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Oooh, trainage.

Have you seen The Station Agent? It's a brilliant flick...

All aboard!

Save a seat for us - we'll be back someday and a train ride would be a GREAT way to dee more of the countryside.

Thanks for the pics - The Lady, Anne(tique)

There are a couple of excursion trains around Sydney. The Cockatoo Line runs from Wollongong up the escarpment to Robertson, and the Zig Zag is a steam (sometimes diesel) train that runs from the top of the Blue Mountains to the bottom and follows the original switch-back line over viaducts and through tunnels.

And of course there are the regular XPT passenger services from Sydney to various centres.

Trains are triffic.

One of my dream holidays is to ride a road/trail tourer (one of those BMW GS Paris/Dakar jobbies) from Port Augusta to Alice Springs, following the old Ghan route. Brilliant scenery, lotsa funky old rail gear along the way, and something to follow so you won't get lost...

(Ooh, and more rail-themed funkiness: the Sydney Cave Clan report on the St James tunnels. I was a regular explorer down there back in my teens...)

Shades of the Orient Express! :)

What, no 3830?

For the curious, here's the 3801 Limited website. I rarely get a chance to chase the 38s, because I don't drive, and I can't afford upwards of $100 for a train ride (I can get to Brisbane and back for less than that, and I get to bug james_b in the process)

Trains are just soooooooooooooooooooo romantic *grins*. Steam trains especially.

One of these days I'll do the Canadiana, from Truro Nova Scotia, to Vancouver BC.... in a cabin,... shades of the Orient express indeed, it's a wonderful trip.

For all my love of aviation, I grew up around trains, by grandfather and his brothers were all railroad men, and my dad had a lifelong love affair with trains. I grew up riding the trains, long before I met my first plane at 13.

Neat Photos! :)

Thanks! :)


If I ever get to Oz because I become wealthy or by chance, I want to ride on The Afghan Railway. Just for the sake of traveling through MAMOBA past the Uluru. I'd like to see *that* too:D.

Blame Public Television:D.

I'm afraid The Ghan misses Uluru by 200km. You can't actually see it from the train.

Those people going to the festival around there must have not been too happy:D. They were going on foot.

So much for public television. They did say it was in the vicinity, but 200k? :P

Out there, 200km is next door.

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