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AAAand back again

It was raining when I left Wagga Wagga and was still pissing down at Temora, but by the time I reached Barmedman there was only a light sprinkle. Skies were blue at Wyalong. In fact, the day got hot enough for me to put on the A/C. There's an awful lot of not a lot to look at between here and there. First stop was a coffee at Wyalong, and the next was a Coffee and Curry Pie at The Dish Cafe. The radio telescope at Parkes is a mandetory stop, of course.

The pies they make at the Cafe are a bonus. I had my coffee and pie in the out-doors section, sitting in the warm breeze so I could watch the Dish do hyper-accurate timing of pulsars.

I'll be sitting the CCNA2 final exam later this week or earlier next week.

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