Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Wagga Wagga

What a strange town Wagga is. It's marginally larger than Dubbo, the malls are bigger, but not having a zoo makes it less interesting.

Last night I had the need to eat some Chinese Takeaway so I went for a drive around the main streets. In Dubbo you can't throw a bowl of won-ton without it striking a chinese takeaway, but there apparently aren't any here. I saw 3 Maccas, 2 KFCs, 2 Subways, a number of kebab shops and dozens of pizza places, but not a single dispenser of rice and MSG. There is a Golden Trough, but I hear it's Not Terribly Good. They make a fortune on the all-you-can-eat buffet because nobody can stomach too much of the food in one sitting.

So I had KFC and wished I hadn't an hour later.

Tonight I saw a riced up Volvo. Mags, air dams, skirts and a rear spoiler. The bloke was making a statement, and that statement was "I drive a Volvo."

I'm in a nice hotel in one of Wagga Wagga's suburbs: Gumly Gumly. I didn't make that up. THey were going to charge me $80 a night until the owner found out I'm a student, so she gave me the corporate rates of $70/night. So next time you're in Wagga Wagga, stay at the Allonville Motel in Gumly Gumly.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have a CCNA2. Yay.

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