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Found via oceansedge:

A list of bats found in Florida. I bet you didn't realize there were so many. 8)

Nick is self-feeding now so I don't have to handle him. He's in the second bat tent, and I hear him talking to Maddie at night. It's communication, anyway. They hang onto the gauze panels and look at each other while squeaking and growling, but I can't tell if they're saying "Hey baby!" or "BACK OFF!" They're both the same age and size. I suspect this is their first winter and they wouldn't have made it without intervention.

Nick is a little sweetie. He buzzes happily when I hold him and she snuffles in my hand looking for worms.

Maddie doesn't. I won't handle her without gloves.

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  • Luxo is a dude.

    This will make you look at your lamps differently every time the bulbs blow.

  • Goodness

    Ralph Hayes has put some of my fanart on his front page!

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