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Streetwalk of Death By Pointy Teeth.

I heard an extraordinary noise from the front of the house. It started out as a low moan. "mrooooooooooooowr!"

"What the bloody hell is that?" I thought as I looked through the windows into the front yard. There was nothing there except for the fluffy black tomcat. He was staring into the bushes that mark the border between our yard and the lower neighbour's. The cat looked fluffier than normal, and he was really stirred up. "Mroooooooooowr!" he went, and he was answered by a deeper, rumbling growl. Something grey moved in the shadows.

A huge grey tomcat was moving forward. I think he was actually in the process of taking over the black cat's territory and the reigning tom didn't like it, but he wasn't going to have any say in it; the new cat was twice his size.

Black tom moved backward, and the grey tom moved forward. "Any moment now black cat will run," I thought. "And he'll have the crap beat out of him." I was a bit sad, really. Black Tom had provided many moments of amusement for the dogs. I would be sort of sad to see him go.

Sure enough, the black cat broke. He screamed across the front yard with the grey cat following. He zigged, zagged, then in a great leap bounded over the side gate into my yard. The grey cat followed close behind.

I heard Polly and Scruffy bark once, each. The black cat sailed back over the gate. The grey cat didn't follow, but I could trace his progress by listening to the excited yelping of the dogs. There was a loud thud of something hitting the aluminium fence around the back yard, then the collie in the yard behind ours began chasing something.

The black tom settled down on the warm bricks of the driveway to soak up some rays, his ears flicking as another dog in another yard began barking excitedly.

Size isn't everything when you have home-ground advantage.

Dogs-3, Black tom-1, New tom-0

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