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Bat N

A call from "Fritz at Bluescope" told me he'd found a baby bat in the office, so he'd put it in a box for me. When I arrived I was handed a printer paper box, the sort that holds 5 reams of paper. I opened it and saw a tiny brown fuzzy thing huddled in a corner. He was another adult little forest bat.

"Nick" is not as bitey as Maddie, but he is much more vocal. He'll quiet down a little with more handling, but at the moment he's peeved at being handled, weighed, the general unfairness of it all and I'm In A Bag, Dammit! I'll set up a tent for him later.

He weighs 4 grams which is a little on the light side. I'll feed him up and let him go with Maddie. At the moment it looks like the end of this week is a tentative Release Night.

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