Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Rescues: Maddie

Maddie has become amazingly wild. Usually the bats maintain a level of accepting grumpyness where they are happy to see me, or rather the food, but growl and grumble while they crawl around my hand snuffling for food.

Maddie hunches up in whatever corner she is roosting in and growls. If my fingers get too close, she leaps at them and tries to bite. I have to wear latex gloves near her. To help a bat find the food I usually hunt it by touching it on the bum so they move forward. With Maddie I point at her face and she leaps at my finger. We continue like this until she has frog-hopped to the food.

She's ready to go, but the nights are still too cool. When we start seeing +10C night temperatures I'll hang the tent outside and leave it open.

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