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This Is Serious Mum

Fatboy Slim Dusty

Ecstacy's had a bad rap -
The drug's OK but the music's crap
Techno's made with computer cable
Samplin' machine and an old turntable
Get a loop, then cut and paste her
Buy a trip and lick the paper
There's new school, old school, prep school too
There's DJs that nobody knew
But now they're known - for doing what?
Ideas? Music? Melody? Nup.
They don't sing, they're not able.
They put a record on a turntable.

Techno is crap
Techno is crap
Techno is crap
And so's hip-hop

Jupiter's orbit is about as long
As your standard rave techno song
Bleep bleep blurt, repeat at will
Do scratching crap, and go until
Two hours later - the bleep's still there
But change the reverb on the snare.


Hip-hop? Buddy, don't get me started.
So how do you get your song charted?
Kids love this stuff cos it's so new:
Put a sample in from a pop song too,
You've got a hit. How come it sold?
The melody, and it's thirty years old.

Techno is crap
Techno is crap
Techno is crap
And so is rock.

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