Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Last night I was woken at 2am by Maddie bouncing off the walls of the tent and growling. She'd woken from hibernation to do a little opportunistic feeding, and there was no feed. I climbed from my nice warm bed and looked through the mesh. She was flapping from one side to the other, then plopping onto the empty dish and biting at the edges before growling in frustration. I had to get her some meal worms but the bucket is outside.

Den in his jammies. 2am. Outside. Middle of winter.

I caught a dozen meal worms in the dark by trawling my figers through the bran and grabbing any wriggling tubular things I could feel, but at 2am in the middle of winter I stopped feeling anything after a while. I went back into my room, which oddly enough felt warm now, and piled the dead worms into the dish.

Maddie growled at me then fell head-first into the worm pile. I went to sleep to the sounds of happy crunching. This morning Maddie was hanging from the roof, asleep and considerably fatter.

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