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Feeding Time

Last night's feeding time cheered me up a lot. The four remaining bats were all out and wandering around on the wall. It took me 15 minutes to catch them and shove them in the bag for feeding. They scampered all over the place like mice, except they were on vertical walls.

Each one growled and struggled as I picked them up. They were all warm.

Once inside I fed them individually by shoving worms into their mouth as they finished the previous one. I think the four ate 50 worms between them.

One female was so anxious to grab the worm she lunged, missed, and latched onto the end of a finger. That hurt a lot.

The male was fed last. He was already going crazy, smelling the food and trapped in the bag. He snuffled around my palm, smelling the worm guts, then forced his way between my thumb and index finger and bit the skin where they join. that hurt a lot.

Which reminds me: It's time for my annual antibody level test.

My only worry is that they didn't try to fly away when I was trying to catch them.

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