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Slightly silly

Yesterday I had to get out of the house after hours of pre-semester Business Statistics For Dummies. I wandered into the local Sanity store to see if they could restore mine, and if they had anything interesting by way of music or DVDs. I wandered around, looking at the shelves full of artists I like and thinking "Nope, nup. no. Not that one." until I hit the Classical Music Section. They had Pachebel's Greatest Hits on special for $10.

Now, I thought Pachebel only ever really had a "hit" which was his Canon in D. I looked at the listing. It was 8 different versions of his Canon In D! James Galloway, The Lucern Fesival Strings, the Baroque Chamber Orchestra, and even the Canadian Brass, plus others. I bought it. It's nice.

I still haven't found a replacement for my lost Stairways To Heaven CD; 23 cover versions of the song Stairway To Heaven. I ripped some to MP3 but a few became corrupted. (I still have the Rolf Harris version.)

And, in an effort to aviod actual work,

Something has happened in the Moray 3.5 bugs files that causes the modeller to report a plug-in error. I think it has something to do with the models I imported. I'd like to switch over to TrueSpace eventually, but I'm not sure how to bring in the Bug's world.

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