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Revenge Of The Mealworms

Last night, while digging through the bran of the mealworm colony as I looked for small worms for Maddie bat, I got some bran dust in my eye. It was like a case of instant hayfever, but only in one eye. At first it itched like crazy and I tried to wash it with warm water, but then the real reaction started which turned into conjunctivitus. It itched and burned, and felt like I had an Eye Of Sauron. That was almost true: the eye was red all over. I could see the membrane over the white bit was swollen right up to the cornea. I scarfed down a handful of antihistamines and kept the eye closed by wadding up a soft tissue and shoving it between my glasses and the eyelid.

This morning my left eye opened with the sound of tearing sandpaper. It's still tender and sensitive, and a little out of focus, but I can use it again.

Which is nice.

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