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Political post.

Why was Mamdouh Habib, Australian citizen, arrested in Pakistan, handed to the CIA, transported to Egypt and interrogated for 6 months before being transported to Guantanamo 3 years ago?

A: The bus he was on drove through a sensitive provence in Pakistan, and the guys sitting next to him had trained with Al Qiada.

"Mamdouh Habib wasn't training with Lashkar-e-Taiba. It's very funny that this allegation wasn't raised until Lashkar-e-Taiba was proscribed in November last year. Now come on. The Australian Government has to put up or they've got to shut up. What is the evidence? What is the evidence that a 47-year-old overweight man trained? I don't believe there is any evidence. I believe that Mr Habib was picked up in a general sweep in Pakistan in the lead-up to the war in Afghanistan. I believe that perhaps his documents weren't in proper order and he was taken in for further questioning. At this stage either Australian intelligence officials or the CIA got involved and life went downhill dramatically for Mr Habib at that stage." Steven Hopper, Habib's layer (emphasis mine.)

He was arrested before the war in Afghanistan started!

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