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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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More noodling

1 x difference (rotational sweep + cylinders to punch in holes)
1 x intersection (rotational sweep + cylinders to fill in holes)
2 x bezier patches
1 x difference (2 x cones to create hollow cone)
3 x textures (modified silver, modified crystal, custom black)

I've discovered the Bugs malfunction and fixed that, so there is a new strip rendering now. These will probably be the last renders I do on the old P2-333MHz. Tomorrow is swap-over day thanks to dharawal sending me her spare 1.8GHz Athelon.

dharawal: it's HEEEEEEEEEEERE!

Everyone tell her she is Very Cool Indeed.

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Friends who send computer bits are always very cool indeed!! :)

not bits: a whole computer. Everything but the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

I thought it looked very starshiponelike..

and yes, boodie is very cool indeed, but then, if she doesn't know that I think this, then she hasn't been listening to me these last few years

Mmmm Bezier Patches Mmmm :-)

Yay dharawal!!!! The peanut gallery thanks you for your most excellent generosity. Some Tim-Tams need to be sent your ASAP! :-D


Thanks batty, i'm glad it went to someone who could use it properly, and who better than you and the bugs.

Holy Cats, Boodie!

Thank you! I've been hoping Den could get his talons on a proper computer to do his renders on! Thank you *Very* much! :D

For the Renders we are about to recieve, may Batty make us Truely Thankful! ;)

Scott (YAY! Batty's Noodling!) Kellogg

My pleasure, Den is one of my oldest and best friends, and he does such wonderful stuff with his old slow computer, so I can only look forward with delight at what he will give us now.

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