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Road Trip

It took me 6 hours to drive the 400km from Sydney. 1.5 hours of that was taken up driving the 15km from Katoomba to Medlow Bath. On that road there is only one reason for a tail=back like that. I hoped the accident wasn't too bad, but after 40 minutes four ambulances drove past: three with lights and bells, and one muchmore slowly. Bugger.

20 minutes later a tilt-tray drove past with a wreck on the back. The car looked like it had been hit on all four sides judging by the way they were caved in, and the roof had been cut off and was tied down to the trailer. When I eventually reached the site I saw what appeared to be half a ute on the side of the road, until I realised the grill and radiator were pushed back under the windscreen. There's only one place for the engine to go and that probably explained the slow ambulance. Police and fire crews were standing around, pointing and taking notes.

I sort of became extra cautious and more aware of the drivers around me. Seeing two near misses near Lithgow got the old adrenalin going, especially when one involved the car immediatley in front of me. She was moving into the left lane to let me past, and almost side-swiped a twonk who decided to undertake both of us and came thumping up the outside lane. I've never before seen a bogan in a Ford XR8 ute with gofaster stripes and tupperware trim get the finger from a grey-haired old lady in a Toyota Echo. Well said, Madam. I would have been caught up in their accident if it had happened.

So, after much coffee and caffeinated drinks, I made it home. The dogs were happy to see me. And now I'll be happy to see bed.

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