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I don't normally remember dreams, but last night I had some doozies. Maybe it was the sound of the night-long rain strom that disturbed me. It's such a rare sound in these parts.

1- And audio dream. No pictures in this one. I don't mean it was black or dark or just a big empty. I mean there was no images at all, like i was blind. I was in a big crowd of people all talking at once to create that pink noise a large crowd of people makes. Then it all stopped instantly and one voice (sex indeterminant) said my name, very clearly. "Dennis." I woke instantly, feeling creeped out and thinking "bloody hell."

2- Walking in the bush, on a narrow track. Then I'm driving along a gravel road, although how I got into the car I don't know. Suddenly I'm in the car with some German back-packers, taking them to a Youth Hostel just up the road. The road was just a generic gravel road through farmland. I have no idea where it was, but in the dream I knew the area well. The we were in the YHA, avoiding all the unnecessary parking the car/unpacking/signing in. Everyone in the building were all crowded into the tiny laundry and trying to back away from a brown snake (a rather venomous species found all over eastern Aus.) Everyone was screaming and stamping their feet while I was trying to tell them to stop doing that as it upsets the snake. One of the pack-packers from my car said "Den's an animal rescuer!" The crowd parted and the snake charged at me and bit me on the calf, about half way between my right knee and ankle.

It was so realistic I was out of bed and had the light on. I examined my leg for the bites while thinking "Don't panic! Constrictive bandage! Get the constrictive bandage! Then dial 000! 000 not 911! Don't get confused!" until I realised that I was surprisingly unbitten and not in a YHA. Then the panic stoped and I thought "bloody hell."

3- All my teeth fell out. Well, not so much fell out as crumbled into gravel, leaving me with a mouth full of grit I had difficulty spitting out. I woke trying to spit out the sand and had to actually rinse my mouth out with water before I was happy there wasn't any sand left. And my teeth were still there.

4- On the floor of my toilet was a cage containing a starving bat and a rat that had died of starvation long ago. The rat was well mummified, and I remembered it was a wild one that got into the cage by accident. The bat (unknown species) was emaciated and reaching through the bars, trying to drink some water on the floor. When I picked it up it drank heaps from the tap in the sink, and I tried to feed it meal worms but I know it was hopeless. Then I woke, thinking "bloody hell," again.

Memo to subconscious: I don't understand post-modern interpretive dance. If you have something to tell me just sent me a plain-text email so I'll know what you mean.

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