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this was originally posted in a.l.f.

We didn't do hallowe'en in Australia.

Oh, we knew about it. I've known about Hallowe'en ever since the Charlie Brown Hallowe'en Special came out, although Linus talking about The Great Pumpkin confused me for a while.

But it was never a part of the Australian way of life, the same way Thanksgiving and 4th Of July mean bugger all to us.

Ever since E.T. came out people have been Doing Hallowe'en, but I don't think they get it. They (and I say They because I refuse to do it) are celebrating it NOW, in the middle of Spring. If they want to do Hallowe'en properly they (They, again) should be doing it at the end of May or
something. I understand it to be a late Autumn thing, the same way we should do Yule in June and not in the middle of Summer.

Over Here it has no meaning and is a purely commercial venture.

Last Year I was trick-or-treated. The setup ws so good I couldn't resist quoting a few lines from "Bottom."

Small boy dressed as a viking: Trick Or Treat!
Me dressed in a black bat t-shirt: What?
Small witch: Trick or treat.
Me: what do you mean?
Viking: You have to give us some lollies!
Me: I can't do that! The police will arrest me.
Witch: you have to give us lollies.
Me (reaching into a box and removing very small python waiting for collection by a fellow rescuer): You want a sn- LET ME KNOW NEXT TIME SO I CAN GET SOME LOLLIES IN!

And for some reason I wasn't pestered this year.

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