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heh. I said "synergy"

I just wrote this paragraph in an essay.

Even within a company it is extremely rare to find one individual who possesses all the knowledge there is to know about the operation of that company. By forming a team of individuals who know different aspects of the company operation, the knowledge possessed by the team members can be combined and assessed to create a complete knowledge set. This combined knowledge can also generate new ideas that may be used to achieve the best result. (Anand, Clark, Zellmer-Bruhn, 2003.) It is quite possible these new ideas would be generated by an individual company employee eventually, but a cohesive team can, as a whole, out-perform an individual engaged in the same task because the synergy within the team can inspire its members to perform better and to generate new ideas faster, and the ideas can be assessed and accepted or rejected rapidly. (Bartol, 2001) This cohesiveness can develop quickly within a team when the members have similar experiences, but these carryover behaviours can also be a disadvantage when the team members are demoralised by a previous bad team experience. (Rad & Levin, 2003)

and now I need a shower.

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