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I have no idea what is wrong with her. Tonight she ate 12 meal worms (these were the Extreme Mealworms I've been keeping) then she did some warm-up stretches in my hand. I locked us in the spare room and let her fly around for a while.

When I got her she was a little thin and had some mites in her fur, but now she's fat and is grooming properly. I have no idea what was wrong with her but it appears to be past. I'll have to hand her over to T&E Bat Carers while I'm in Wagga. They both work for National Parks and have had their rabies shots so I have no concerns with handing Lucretia over to them. I trust them enough to know that if she is releasable, they'll release her. Getting her out of care is pretty important now. We're coming up to winter and if Lucretia isn't back in the wild soon she'll have to stay in care all winter.

I'd rather not keep her that long, no matter how cute she is.

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