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Prime Minister John Howard, on Stuart MacGill's boycott of the Zimbabwe tour:

"I always admire somebody who in his own way, for his own reason, forms a conscientious objection on something. I am sure it is properly based and it is genuine and I congratulate him for the strength of his character."

A year ago he called the conscientious objectors who marched against the proposed war in Iraq "Saddam apologists."

Now that Saddam has been captured, what can he be charged with? He oppressed minorities? So do most countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He was a horrible person? (see Most African Leaders) He supported criminals? (see South America) He supported Terrorists? (See Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen.) He suppressed religious factions? (See China, and any theocracy). That he had Weapons Of Mass Destruction? (see... uh. no forget that one.)

I seriously believe the "War on Terror" has been side-tracked. Al-Qaida were in Afghanistan, and the leaders of the Sept.11 attacks were Saudis. It didn't make sense to attack Iraq. It was madness to divert resources from the fight in Afghanistan where the real battle was, and still is.

I'm glad Saddam is gone. The bloke was a bastard. My worry is who will replace him. Will Iraq collapse into a thorcracy like Iran did in the 70s? Will we have one more anti-Western nation to worry about?

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