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Bloody Alston

Senator Richard Alston is the minister responsible for the Internet content regulations that came into force in 2000, which made it illegal to publish on the 'net what it is perfectly legal to buy over the counter. The public inquiry recieved 200+ well reasoned submissions into why this wouldn't work; submissions written by ISPs, technicians, and EFA representives. All of this was ignored so that the Government could be seen to be Protecting The Children. During the inquiry one of the politians waved a sheaf of pages he'd printed out, all full of PORN of the "most disgusting kind!" It must be taken off the Internet! It was also all from websites in the .dk and .se domains. The people making the regulations had no idea how the internet worked.

The regulations meant it was up to the ISP to take action if a complaint was made about a site, and the ISP would have to pay fines if they didn't.

Read about the law. Read why everyone not named Richard Alston said it wouldn't work. The law they enacted drove the erotica industry and online gambling indusrty off-shore, where they are still available from international sites where the Government has absolutly zero influence.

Protecting The Children from Bad Weather (a parody)

And now the Bick Dick will be in charge of Telstra. He doesn't understand the Internet, now he's in charge of the local backbone.


And in other news, ursulav has the wombat tarot for sale on furbid.

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