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Phone call

"I have some mice. can you collect them from me?"

"Um... you have then in a container?"

"No, I trapped them."

"I'm afraid we don't handle dead mice. Why don't you-"

"No, no! They're still alive! I trapped them in a live trap. I want someone to take them away and kill them for me. You have snakes, right?"

"Uh... I don't have snakes but I know someone who does. These are normal house mice, right?"

"Yes, little brown house mice. I wanted to get rid of them but I couldn't stand the thought of hurting them, so I got some live traps and caught the mice but now I still have to get rid of them. Can you do it?" long pause "Please?"

And that's why I have three fresh, killed-by-chloroform mice in the freezer, wrapped in plastic and placed in the container with the echidna food and pee wee mix, right next to the frozen chicken.

I must remember not to get confused when I want the chicken.

(It was a man on the phone, btw.)

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