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Summer is coming, isn't it?

It was so bloody cold last night! The temp dropped to 9C, I had to put the doonah back on the bed and The 6 freetails were knocked back into torpor and didn't want to eat. I woke with a pair of small dogs sleeping either side. Scruffy had made a crater in the doonah and couldn't be shifted, but poor old Jess The Non Wonder Dog was shivering so much she looked blurred. I let her under the blankets for a while.

We've just switched to Daylight Savings, even though I sill have some left from last year. The transition period for me lasts about a week and I have a pernanent feeling of jetlag, as if I'm in New Zealand. On the news last night it was announced that we should all put our clocks forward one hour at 2am. I thought "Fuck that! I'll do it tomorrow when I feel like it."

I'm such a rebel.

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