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Sorry, Annon.

Due to the multiple copies of porn spams, annonymous posts are now screened. I'd rather not see the spam at all, but that would mean disabling annon. comments and I don't want to do that.

Back in the old Fidonet days you could say to someone "Shut up and go away" to express your annoyance. When everyone in an echo told a poster to Shut Up And Go Away, they either left the group or began posting messages that didn't make people tell them to Shut Up And Go Away. It would be really nice if the majority of the internet users showed the maturity you found in a Fidonet echo, even in an echo like LTUAE which was once described as a fight with baseball bats, and occasionally two combatants would lean against their bats and have a coversation.

Fidonet rule #1: Do not be excessively annoying
Fidonet rule #2: Do not be too easily annoyed.

Spammers: Shut up and go away. You are excessively annoying.


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