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Last batch of photos

This is my last batch of Road Trip photos, I promise.

Miles and miles of Bugger all, with a mirage, near Barkley Homestead roadhouse NT

A rain storm over Camooweal near the NT/QLD border.

Blue Heeler Hotel, QLD. Waltzing Matilda was performed publicly here for the first time in the late 1800s

Walkabout Creek Hotel, as featured in the first Crocodile Dundee movie. It is supposed to be in the tropical north but the next photo shows the area this pub is in.

Miles and miles of bugger all, central Queensland.

The first headquaters of Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services, Longreach QLD.

The old hangar, now part of the Qantas museum at Longreach Airport.

A decommissioned 747, Qantas museum. I need to revisit this place.

And finally, we crossed from the Tropics back into the Temperate zone at Longreach. This marker is at the old post office.

And that's all folks! My journal will return to its usual silliness tomorrow.

The end.

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