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More photos

East Point Military Museum.

One of the two 9.8" guns installed for the shore defences for when the invasion came. But it didn't. The cannon were test-fired once.

Under the cannon

One of the thousands of "Fool the photo recon" units. Apparently it worked for a long while, and the Japanese though Darwin was heavily defended.

A map taken from a downed Zero. How did the enemy get such detailed maps? Easy. For 40 years the Australian Governmant hired Japanese cartographers to map the northern coastline.

A small amount of Kakadu. We didn't have time to see much of the wetlands.

Water Baffalo

Darwin's newest concrete speed-hump (inder construction). This was required because the concretor didn't put a slope on the concrete. He didn't think it was required to make water flow into a drain. The speed hump keeps the water from flowing off the concrete wash area. (this is what all the arguments were about.)

And finally one for the otters and bears. Brian, our host, filleting one of the 10 jewfish he and dad caught that day. After filleting we had 38kg of fish in the freezer. The smallest fish was 1.1m long.

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