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More road trip photos

Karlwekarlwe sacred site

The local name for this formation of granite boulders is Karlwekarlwe, but the explorers marked it on their maps as "The Devil's Marbles," and so it is still called that to this day. When the founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, John Flynn, died one of these smaller stones was taken and placed on his grave as a memorial. In 2002 the decendents of Flynn approched the Mungkarta people and offered to return the stone. The offer was accepted and a special ceremony had to be performed when the stone returned.

Termite mounds

These termites collect dead grass and store it in dry caverns inside the outer areas of the mound. This acts as a food store and insulator against the heat. These are "cathederal termits." As you head west into Western Australia the mounds are built by "magnetic termites" who build flat mounds aligned north/shouth.

Dad shows Maxime, a hitch-hiker from France, the inside of a mound.

First photo of the Timore Sea. The last time I saw the sea was at Spencer Gulf on the other side of the continent.

Geek in paradise

Tomorrow: Planes, Trains, and Darwin.

Geek in par

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