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Animal ambulance.

Peewee has gone! She's in her new aviary on H.'s farm. I put her in there with some other peewees so she'd get used to her new flock. She picked the highest branch, looked around, and claimed it all as her own. The other peewees know who owns it all, too. She pecks at them if they're where she wants to be. I am birdless at last, but the noise of the wild peewees kicks in the "better feed the baby" instincts. That will wear off soon.

The Galah made it out of the vet's. The wanker with the gun only managed to shoot off the main flight feathers. The injuries are to the feather roots (? sockets?), there was a little blood so the vet filled the galah with antibiotics. It's in care for some months until it moults and starts growing new feathers

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