Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Woomera Rocket Park photos

Woomera looks like the military plonked a heap of .mil-designed offices and accommodation in the middle of nowhere. Which is exactly what happened. And it has all the appeal of an army camp.

Right in the middle of town is the rocket park, where a heap of surplus planes, bombs and research rockets are mounted for display. All these things were used during the 60s and 70s, mostly by the RAF and RAAF, but there are some RN (Sea Slug ship to air) and RAN (Ikarus ship to ship) missiles.

Canberra Bomber converted to carry instrument packages that measured fallout from atomic tests. Other planes used here were dismantled and buried.

WRESAT. All that is left of the Australian space program. So much for being the fourth nation to launch a satellite.

The RAAF Jindavik was used to carry targets and instrument packages. The Black Arrow went to 66km, and the sounding rocket went up really fast, then down really fast

The second stage of this Black Arrow was mounted upside down and fired after the first stage dropped away at 60km. It tested ballistic re-entry temperatures. The Blue Streak was designed to be carried under RAF Vulcan Bombers


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