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Some road trip photos

Here are some of the photos I took early in the Road Trip, including 4 I tried to turn into a panorama of Spencer Gulf and Port Augusta. I have some panorama-stitching software now I'll have to try out.

All the photos of the trip will be going here. Watch that space.

Emmdale Roadhouse and Surf Lifesavings Club, supplies of the essentials: bread, milk, petrol, tea, coffee, canned food, cold drinks and beer.

Miles and miles of bugger all between Cobar and Wilcannia

Miles and miles of bugger all between Wilcannia and Broken Hill

Orroroo, South Australia. One for mactavish who used to live here. My question is "Why?"

Spencer Gulf, SA. The Gulf was out forst glimpse of the sea. The next time we saw it we were on the other side of the continent. Port Augusta can be seen on the extreme right edge of the photo.

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