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So very dry. The hygrometer has spent the last hour registering <2% humidity, and is only now just climbing above 5%.

Everything is crackling with static. I have to grab the metal table leg as I stand, and walking to the other side of the room risks a zap. My hair sometimes feels like it is either floating like a hair-conditioning ad, or sometimes it is plastered flat and tight like an unwashed geek's.

Pulling a pen from my pocket makes the hairs on my arm stand. Pulling the wallet from my pants gives me the feeling of small spiders running up my legs.

I appear to have no residual perspiration. I suspect it is being sucked into the air as it appears, so that my skin feels dry. I don't mean stepping-from-the-shower towel-dry, I mean DRY. It's like I'm wearing super fine latex gloves on my hands and I can still feel everything but the surface is dry to the touch.

It's very strange. I hope it stops soon.

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