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I just heard that the last two peewees I took out to the big aviary have been released into the wild. Yay!

I've books my current bird some accommodation in the aviary so she can get used to open spaces, foraging and other peewees. She met a wild one yesterday. He came for a visit but I don't know if the conversation was "Hey baby!" or "BUGGER OFF!" What I do know is that she watched him peck at the ground, and this morning she pecked live meal worms out of the dish.

I see my new road map shows the exact same area of Sydney as my old map of 1833. Here they are for a comparison. Click on the maps for larger versions you can actually read.

Sydney, 1833

Sydney, 2003


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  • Luxo is a dude.

    This will make you look at your lamps differently every time the bulbs blow.

  • Goodness

    Ralph Hayes has put some of my fanart on his front page!

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