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Packing bags, checking car, buying supplies. Mum has been trained in the Art Of Peewee Feeding and I've made up a new batch of food, so no worries about the budgie going hungry.

I bought a new UBD road atlas that shows lots of detail, touring, for the purpose of. UBD also do a CDROM. I might have to invest in two, one for city and one for country. It's a pity they haven't done a single CD. It's not like you need a lot of detail for Central Australia. There's just a lot of MAMBA* out there.

I've loaded the required software into the laptop, so I should be able to LJ and maybe even IRC while I'm away. I think I'll load in Moray so I can amuse myself with renders. The Concretor we'll be working with needs a homepage update so it looks like I'll be teaching him basic HTML and helping fix what he has.

Apparently the Darwin museum is pretty impressive. The city was the forward base during WW2, and was hit by 250ish air raids during that time. It was also flattened by a cyclone in 1974. There are a lot of artifacts from both divine and cyclonic winds. That's on the itinery, as is a visit to The Wharf What Has Seafood. mmmmmmmm seafood.

As a comparison to the US, this trip will be about the same as driving from Pittsburgh to Chicago, then on to New Orleans. Or for Europe: London to Oslo, then down to Sicily. Except we'll be passing through just 3 states and won't need a passport. 8)

Pity about the MAMBA.

*Miles And Miles of Bugger All

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