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Peewees #3 and #4 have graduated to the Big Aviary at Minore, about 10km out of town. They were placed in there with H.'s little peewee to get to know him and form their own little flock. When they saw the strange bird they immediately began begging for food from him and he tried begging from them, so the three birds all looked at each other and screamed for 5 minutes. #4 and NewBird are about the same age, but #3 has a week's growth ahead of them and is noticably larger. He'll be showing The Kids how to Eat Out Of A Dish, How To Bath, and How To Fly Up To A Perch.

In the meantime, #6 is comfy in her Fried Chicken Franchise "Watery Starch and Salty Brown Stuff" container. It's lined with tissues to make it soft and she sinks down low so only her head is visible above the edge.

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