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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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The peewee has worked out that the back-door opening means food approaches. He starts screaming and begging like a maniac. And then he sees the food. I put balls of food on a bamboo skewer and poke it through the bars. He either pecks at it or just opens his beak and shoves the whole lot down his throat. This goes on until he's had enough, and suddenly we're back to "Bugger off! You're not my Mum!"

He is actively fly/hopping from perch to perch, and does flap testing when he thinks no one's looking. This is the stage Peewee#1 would have been at if he'd survived.

Looks like the Foti Fireworks have wired up all the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and 5 barges for the display tonight. Each barge holds 130 mortars, including a 16 inch mortar on each. I wonder if they need a IT bloke.

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Are you still going to have to teach this one to be a peewee??

Happy New Year

Hugs and smooches even :)

This one is old enough to already know. I am just a provider of food, which is how it should be. 8)

It's like a holiday.

People give me food. No hunting. YAY!


Hang on. Now I am bored. Hmmm. What to do? Oh I just destroy part of this new home of mine. ;)

And a big, flappy new year to you!

Yay Peewee, sounds like this little fellow will make it ok. Little Bird, Big Attitude :)

16" like in sixteen inches in diameter? =:-O Now THAT'S a boomer!


16 inches in dimaeter, with enough charge to throw it 1200 feet into the air.


Go, peewee! You can do it, little thingy!

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