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Hybrid Goodness pt2

The Prius uses a giant NiCad battery that has a 5 year warranty and will cost AU$520 to replace if it fails after the 5 years.

The Monaro only has a 12volt battery, of course.

I should also mention that the "keyless" system on the Prius means that you have to carry the key with you to operate the car, you don't have to insert a serrated metal tab into a slot. It's not "keyless" in that you don't need a key. It's a wireless key.

The fully tricked out Prius costs about the same as a Monaro. The environmentalist in me is tugging me toward the Prius, while the rev-head Bloke genes are dragging me toward the Monaro. My poor wallet is caught up in the middlle, screaming "KEEP! THE CAMRY! KEEP THE CAMRY!"

I like my Camry. The 3 litre V6 keeps the Bloke Genes and the Environmentalist reasonably satisfied.

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