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PeeWee update

PeeWee has outgrown his Fried Chicken Franchise coleslaw tub, and on Sunday he refused to use it and began perching on the stick. He was a little wobbly at first but now he has the hang of this grasping and balancing thing. I've started hanging his cage outdoors under a tree so he can get some sun and watch the world. He preens and stretches those wings and has lost almost all his chick-down.

Unfortunately he's a little confused and begs for food from magpies, other peewees, blackbirds, sparrows, the dogs, and the neighbours if they walk near the back fence. The sound of the back door opening makes him flap and beg like crazy; food is on the way! Sometime after New Year's he'll be on he farm in an aviary with other peewees. He has to learn that he's a bird.

I might have to invest in a larger cage this week.

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