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Peewee Update

My little baby is perching all on his own! I discovered him on the edge of the nest (a plastic coleslaw container from Fried Chicken Franchise) and decided it was time to move from the box and into the cage.

He's stretching his wings, preening, flapping occasionally and generally feeling good about everything, especially the regular food-onna-stick I shove in his beak. His little pin feathers have grown into a proper black and white pattern, but his tail is still a tiny fringe on his bum. He hasn't quite lost all this baby fluff; there are a still some fluffs over his eyebrows that give him a Prof. Julius Sumner-Miller look.

Fake Bugs For Young Birds

100g really lean minced meat. Chicks can't handle fat.
40g powdered dog biscuit. Good quality stuff, not the cheap biscuits.
2 eggs. Boil them for 20 minutes to break down something in the albumen that interferes with vitamine B metabolism
10g CaCO3

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