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Bloke stuff

While looking for mosquito coils at Big W, I surprised myself by standing in front of the racks of new fry pans and thinking "Hey they look good. I should get one. OOH! A grilling pan!"

I was looking at fry pans. My subconscious kicked in about then. "EMERGENCY!! Get to the automotive section ASAP! Turn left here to avoid the food processors! Now right. LOOK OUT! SAUCEPANS!"

I felt better after a few minutes looking at LED tail lights, xenon bulbs and cans of WD40. "Ooooh! Spanners! Hey I need a new magnetic philips head screwdriver," said the subconscious. "LOOK! Butane-powered soldering iron set! How cool is that?"

I feel better now, but it was a close thing. Fry pans? Sheesh.

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