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Right. I'm going to drink beer.

Today has been rather interesting. First came a 3 hour exam, which I think I passed. My problem is that I know the stuff but I choke in exams. Forcing me to write for 3 hours without a screwdriver and a swiss army knife in my pockets* does not accuratley guage what I know. It'll only tell you what I remember at that moment. Give me a pile of cards and I'll biuld you a PC. Give me CDs and I'll install and configure your software. Give me a cable and I'll build your network. Call me on the phone and I'll talk you through reinstalling Windows. Give me a pen and paper and ask "How does JAD and RAD differ, and how do they differ from a SDLC?" and I'll write "Buggered if I know."

12.30, raced home** for a change of clothes, then off to Lourde's Hospital for a job interview. They're looking for a permanant part-time assisstant Network Admin. In one hour I think I answered more questions than I'd just answered in 3 hours, except these were real. How would you deal with an angry customer? How do you make the printer work if it won't print? How do you tell a customer to save a file across a network? What was your most difficult repair? and so on. I feel I did rather well at the interview, even without my screwdriver and swiss army knife. If I get this job I'll be working for the Catholic Health Corporation. I can handle that as long as I'm not forced to believe in the Pope. The only problem now is that I have Billy Connelly's Country & Western Supersong stuck in my head.***

So, it's hot, I'm tired and running on 1/3 my usual coffee consumption, and I have a cold beer in my hand. It's Monteith's Black, a yummy New Zealand beer. I don't feel like a national traitor because a) The Wallabies beat the All Blacks and b) it's beer and therefore transcends national boundaries. The only thing that matters is how good it is.

The Rugby World Cup final is between Australia and England. The English played the French last night and I was in a bit of a quandry over who to support. I wanted to support the French team because I know the Wallabies can beat them in the final. The only problem with that is that I would be supporting the French Rugby Team. I'd rather support the Namibian team.

Monteith's Black.

*You can fix anything if you have a good screwdriver and a swiss army knife. Really.
**at 50KPH. A whinge about that is to come.
***"My Granny Drowned In The Grotto At Lourdes, 'Cos A Hunchback Pushed Her In."

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