Den (dewhitton) wrote,


The zoovets told me they had the euthanase the little red flying-fox. He had a serious spinal injury. I was sort of expecting that so it didn't come as a shock to hear it from the vet.

In Other News:

Scruffy is in the BADDOG books for killing a young blackbird. He saw something small and brown scurrying on the gorund, and in his little Terrier head he thought "RAT!" and attacked. The bird was dead before I could even yell at the dog. He crawled back to me, his look of injured innocence spoiled by the beard of feathers around his mouth.

Poor Polly freaked out and lay over the most recent hole she'd dug (she tries to hide them when she's a BADDOG), then followed me around and fell on her back every time I stopped.

"BADDOG! Scruffy! You rotten mungrel! Not you Polly. GOODDOG, shoo. SCRUFFY YOU LITTLE BUGGER shoo Polly. Gooddog. Pats for you. SCRUFFY COME BACK HERE piss off Polly. Gooddog."

Small dog is sulking in the big kennel because her was yelled at, and big dog is hiding in the small kennel because there was yelling and Someone Was A BADDOG, and she's not sure if it was her.

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