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I forgot to mention that my cooking was disturbed by Polly, who sneaked into the kitched and got my attention by going


I replied with a kind "Aarghgeddoudavityamongrel orI'llkickyainnaslats." which upset her a little. I made her feel like a GOODDOG with some mince. I took her and Scruffy for a walkies in the park after dinner and a fine time was had by all. I suppose I look a bit odd with 2 dogs, a tennis racket and pockets bulging with tennisballs. Polly loves chasing those balls.

And in other news, the family 2 doors up keep handing me the chicks of feral species (starlings, blackbirds etc) and I have to keep lying to them about the care the birds get.

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  • Luxo is a dude.

    This will make you look at your lamps differently every time the bulbs blow.

  • Goodness

    Ralph Hayes has put some of my fanart on his front page!

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