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Welcome Interruptions

I'm hacking away at a JAVA assignment when there's a knock at the door. It's the postman, and he has this:

It's ceruleanst's book! And he signed it! I was expecting him to sign it with a "Hi Batty" sort of thing. What I wasn't expecting was:

The "check you out" puzzled me until I read this this bit in the intoduction by Steve Jackson. I was blown away:

How good is that? The text, that is. Not the poor scan. I'm grinning myself to death here.

I wrote that story while Kevin was having a serious burnout. I thought I'd send a comic script to him so "all he had to do" was draw it, and we Patient Ones would get 3 weeks worth of Absurd Notions while Kevin had a rest from thinking up stories and scripts. I didn't expect it to end up on the Art By Other's page, and I never dreamed I'd be mentioned in the book.

I bow to you yet again, oh sky-blue one!

Me, By Kevin Pease.

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