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Hubbo lubbub weeeed

I took a quick wander around the back of the office shed this afternoon, looking at the weeds and wondering if I should hit them with something horribly poisonous and not terribly environmentally friendly, when I spotted a flash of color waving amongst the dock.

A poppy! It stands about a metre tall, and has petals of a very pale purple colour with dark purple centres. I noticed the calixes of the unopened flowers were covered in a thick wirey hair, unlike the soft down I remember on my grandfather's poppies. One of the flowers had lost its petals leaving behind a fat, teardrop-shaped seed case with a- um- flat cap.


sort of like an opium poppy's


No. Exactly like an opium poppy.

oh dear. I wonder how that got there.

I'll have to ask the police about previous tenents.

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