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Bat Matters

The Six

The little colony have been evicted from the recue box so I could paint the outside. The box is airing off in the sun to get rid of the paint smell. Meanwhile the bats are in a rescue bag which is inside a thicker pillowcase, and hanging in the wardrobe. In case you're wondering, the wardrobe is dark, cool and quiet.

I hope mum doesn't do a surprise visit and try to hang things up.


Xena has either forgiven me for the bath, or she has decided I've been punished enough. Feeding time is a simple affair now: I just put her food in the dish and she eats it when she's ready. Every few days I lock us in the spare room and wake Xena for some flight time. She's getting about 2 hours a week which should be enough to keep her muscles exercised. Rousing her takes about 15 minutes and there is much growling and baring of teeth, but that's just a natural threat display done by bats who are still too groggy to defend themselves.

Nights here are around the 0-5C mark. It is too cold to release Xena so she will probably be kept for the duration in the flight aiviary, where she is garenteed food and shelter. The Mogriguy 6 have settled down for some serious torpor so it won't matter if I put them out. They have settled into the box so well.

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