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Aboriginal rock art

In July a previously unknown cave full of aboriginal rock art was announced to the world. I've written about it here. I did a quick search to see if any more images have been released. They have!

kangaroo-headed therianthropes

The red ochre hand stencil is the oldest image in this photo. The hunting boomarang and hafted axe are done as white ochre stencils and the yellow ochre hand stencil is the newest. The charcoal animal figure is identified as a kangaroo, but the head is wrong and it doesn't have a tail. I'm certain it it's a wombat, and a New Scientist article labels it as such

Another article.

The discovery on this painting was made within days of ursulav's wombat hero Digger discovering a cave full of paintings. The Great Wombat organised things well.

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