Den (dewhitton) wrote,


The little owl is more injured than I thought.The magpies had pecked so hard we could see the skull bones through a hole. He's in for some long R&R and a course of antibiotics.

I met Rexie again. She's doing well and getting fatter, but she's still small for an echidna. She seems to be enjoying her stay on the farm in the big cage.

H & R have about 28 kangaroos and wallabies, all orphans in various stages of growth. Little Clancy is a red kangaroo who stands just knee-height, while Bob (a red) and Bob2 (a western grey) stand almost 5 feet tall. They have reds, eastern and western greys, wallaroos, red necked wallabies and swamp wallabies. I also got to hold a very young brush tailed possum not much larger than my hand. She spends her day clinging to a toy teddy when she's not in the pouch. Poor little thing.

I also got to play with a whole bunch of cute little baby rats, but it's best not to get to attached to them because H&R also care for eagles and snakes.

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