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I've just picked up a little boobook owl. The poor thing was discovered by some magpies, who then pecked at him until he fell on the ground. He has an injury over his left eye but there doesn't appear to be any concussion. Both pupils work at the same time.

The man who found the bird said it was really dopey when he picked it up. By the time I got him home the bird had become really active in the box. I had to transfer him to a proper cage, and he decided my gloves were The Enemy What Must Be Killed. So he attacked with beak and claws. I removed the gloves and dropped them with bird attached into the cage. Last time I checked... well. I needed new gloves anyway. Those ones weren't thick enough.

At least the punctures in my hands have stopped bleeding although I must admit they are still very painful. Typing is a bit difficult.

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