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Den's Journal

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Product Of Australia (made in USA)
I'm looking at the sandwiches on offer at the Outback Steakhouse. It reads like something set up by a person whose knowledge of Australia is a vague idea that it's in the south, somewhere.

This is their Mad Max burger: "A serious burger. For warriors only, please. Served with bacon, American cheese, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato"

This is a hamburger I ate for lunch today: Hamburger, fried onion, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, bacon, pineapple, chedder cheese, beetroot, tomato sauce.

Tell me which is the serious burger? Mayonnaise? oh give it a rest! and what sort of a steak house doesn't have a hot chips option to go with the salad or veggies option? Attention Outback Steakhouse: Chips are not a side dish. Now I really must go to one in the US so I can take the piss.

"How would you like your steak?"

"Knock the horns off, wipe its arse and bung it on a plate. And don't forget the chips. And if you say 'bonzer' at me I'll shove it up yer clacker and sink the slipper." I wonder if the one in Sydney is actually part of this chain. I Must Find Out.

And in other news, I ate the pickled onions.

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they could at lest try to accatly Aussie it up,
how about stakes in Grams, or more hopefully
kilos :)

Oh damm,
i should of realised it, by looking
at the full menu...

This is(and i repeat)
this *IS* Lonestar returant.

Its owned by the same ppl,
smae menu, differnt names.

My cousin now lives over there,
said it was funny as all hell,
them trying to Aussie it up,
and as disapointing too when
he realised that its just lonestar.

Around here, every Outback Steakhouse is across the street from a Lone Star Steakhouse. I would assume that they are competitors, just like McDonald's and Burger King are always within spitting distance of each other, but if they're owned by the same company and pretending to compete, that's just unsettling.

not as unsetling as the
3 or 4 Mcdonalds in a row
trying to compeat with each other.

They might be trying to catch people going in either direction. "Oh it's too hard to do a u-turn. Let's go into this one instead."

The clustering is a business idea called "synergy" where you gain customers by being close to a competitor. In Dubbo we have a cluster of Pizza Hut, Subway, Maccas, Red Rooster, with KFC and Hungry Jack's (ie Burger King) within 1 block of that.

It leads to an ugly patch of ground, but it's contained in one area and doesn't bleed into the rest of the business district.

My Opinion:

From what I gather, Outback Steakhouse is overly commercialized, and they must play on every Australian stereotype there is in order to trick you into thinking that their mediocre food is authentically Australian.

As for stereotypes, just look at their website: boomerangs, "G'day Mates!", Mad Max, and much more. I've never actually been to an Outback, but I'm sure the Aussie stereotype is played ad nauseum there.

I went to an Outback Steakhouse in Chicago. Then, I came home and about two months later went to a Lonestar Steakhouse in Perth. Indeed, they are the same restaurant with the same menu, mostly the same decor, and different stereotypes.

The Outback Steakhouse is about as Aussie as Budweiser. Then again, the Lone Star Steakhouse is about as Texan as a Mini Cooper.

The food was pretty good on both occasions, though.

it's a sad thing when the best Australian style american burger out there, comes from Mcdonalds..

but then, Most Americans I've ever talked too, don't seem to understand beetroot..

Okay, I'll be the one stupid (or honest) enough to ask:

"What's a beetroot"?

Anyway, don't be too offended. ;) After all, in the French Restaurants over here, they don't insult you or take 3 hours
to serve you a plate of cold snails. :)

It is indeed, because their burgers are crap. The only burgers that are viler are Whiter Castle Ratburgers. Truly.

I've had beetroot. Pickled and not.

In salads and as a side dish.

I like it.

Never had it on a burger.Or a fried egg either. But I have had the sour cream/avocado sprouts bacon tomato cheese lettuce and grilled onion bit.

Outback Steakhouse is like a genuine Aloha Ukelele that was made in Japan. I'll stay with the cookbooks:D.

*gasp* Cant breath.. laughing too hard...

Outback generally has only one lamb dish on its menu, too.

I know my Australian rural cooking. This ain't it. But we go because they have really good prime rib, and DJ loves good prime rib scraps.

(In SA, my host father tried to freak me out by saying that he "wipes the possom piss" off the grill -- a sheet of steel held up with cinder blocks on the ground -- before using it. He didn't know I was a country girl from California, he figured we were all city girls. So I told him that I'd only ever seen sheep castrated with the farmer's teeth, no other method. After his color came back, he cooked tea.)

It's a truly cheesy chain. The food is okay, though a bit overpriced for the quality.


You're all losers.

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